Prisoners health project in Zambia

Prisoners health project in Zambia

Prisoners’ Health Project in Zambia

Global Doctors, in collaboration with Ubumi Prisons Initiative and In But Free, has started a project aimed at improving mental health conditions in Zambian prisons. A recent study tour in Zambia has highlighted areas in which Global Doctors can play a role in advancing awareness and treatment of mental health issues in prisons.

The project, in collaboration with professionals in Zambia and abroad, will map mental health issues in Zambian prisons. We would also like to develop educational workshops for prisoners and prison staff. The goal of these workshops will be to make a meaningful difference in the lives of prisoners, who often suffer significant adversity within prison walls as well as upon their release.

Initial findings highlight issues such as extreme overcrowding, significant lack of hygiene and very limited prisoner facilities. Where health resources normally extend to treatments related to these adversities, mental health issues are often of low priority.

Global Doctors’ vision is to advance an infrastructure designed to give prisoners and prison staff the tools to identify and treat mental health issues specific to their context. This will, among other things, account for cultural practices and beliefs, Zambian prison conditions, and other mental health issues identified as important.

We are looking for physiotherapists, nurses, doctors and others to help with this initiative. Both to conduct the workshops and to develop the project in the areas of funding and communication. If you would like to be part of the project, contact Sophie Lauridsen at