Symposium: Strengthening Primary Mental Health Care

Symposium: Strengthening Collaborative Work for Primary Mental Health Care: Experiences and Challenges

When: 25th February 2020, at 15:00 - 18:00

Where: University of Copenhagen, CSS Campus, Room 2.1.12

The Section of General Practice - Institute of Public Health in collaboration with Global Doctors invite you all to join the Symposium on primary mental health care.

Mental health care demands are increasing and it needs a health system response. Strengthening primary mental health care is a feasible way to shorten the diagnosis and treatment gap. The purpose of this symposium is to broaden the vision of mental health care and the need of collaborative work across sectors. We will learn about experiences and interventions that have resulted in multidisciplinary health professional synergy for earlier diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and better health outcomes.

Admission to the event is free for everyone. The event will be held in english. For updates, stay tuned in the Facebook event:

Our Speakers

Sol Durand – MD, Psychiatrist, MSc –  National Institute Of Psychiatric  (Mexico)


Nadja Kehler – MPH – Copenhagen Research Center For Mental Health (Denmark)


Gritt Overbeck – MA In Psychology Of Language – University Of Copenhagen (Denmark)


Stine Hjelde – Care Manager At  The Danish Model For Collaborative Care For People With Anxiety And Depression In General Practice COLLABRI (Denmark)


Anette Davidsen – MD, General Practitioner, Dr. Med, PhD – University Of Copenhagen (Denmark)


Rosario Falanga –  MD, General Practitioner, Regional Center For Education In General Practice CEFORMED (Italy)


Christos Lionis  MD, General Practitioner, Board Member Metal Health Working Party  WONCA (Greece)

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