Global Doctors is a multidisciplinary organisation working evidence-based. We find our legitimacy and strength in the  combination of our individual disciplines, and in our overall professional knowledge about global health.  We are working for decisions to be made based on the best available knowledge. This work is at best made  possible by putting member’s individual backgrounds into play, by working from generated experience and  knowledge, as well as by drawing on GD’s external network. This work depends largely on sharing  knowledge in the organisation, which obliges coordination between project and working groups, ad hoc  and permanent committees and the board.


  • GD’s internal knowledge and professionalism are continuously institutionalised and coordinated.
  • GD’s interdisciplinary, diverse professional knowledge is utilised broadly
  • GD’s activities support that decisions are made on the basis of the best available and most current knowledge and evidence – nationally and internationally.


  • Mapping of GD internal professional capacity in order to develop a bank of knowledge and resource (see 6.6 Institutional memory)
  • Regular exploration of the needs for internal capacity building of GD’s active member and handling of this through GD’s internal bank of resource or external network
  • Involvement of external partners with specially relevant knowledge when capacity building