Interested in a placement in Southern Africa?

Doctor, nurse or pharmacist? Interested in a placement in Southern Africa for a longer or shorter timespand? This is possible through Africa Health Placement (AHP).

AHP currently works with placements in the South African public sector hospitals, which are frequently short-staffed (sometimes critically so) and often hidden under the veneer of South Africa’s relative economic strength in Africa. The placement of mainly British, Dutch and Belgian doctors has contributed significantly to the health system there and has been of notable benefit in keeping hospitals open, providing vital healthcare for very sick patients and surgery where there are so many waiting to be attended to.

AHP is currently critically need more doctors who might be able to invest time working in our hospitals. Doctors who are available after their internship (after graduating and 2 years of experience) will be able to easily secure jobs or volunteer posts. We are focussing more on doctors at present as the limitations are less than for nurses and pharmacists who will need to write examinations to be able to work.
The clinical and personal experience gained can contribute to the individual’s abilities in terms of skill, confidence, innovation and leadership. This is of benefit to the home country health services and to the host country, particularly the developing areas. It significantly influences healthcare because of the high standard of training and research being exported through interaction with our medical personnel and many patients needing care.

AHP provide a comprehensive and free service to place any Danish doctors in a public health hospital, where they are professionally employed. The placement is also economically affordable for those with local financial commitments. They will report to and be supervised by the clinical manager or competent colleagues who are available to coach them in the local pathology and administration. They have over 60 staff and are well recognised for the support and excellent working partnerships. We send between 100 and 200 doctors each year and so your doctors will often be able to work in a multinational team.

There are 2 main kinds of placements offered in terms of time periods:

1. Voluntary – for any period of six months or more where accommodation can be provided however other costs will need to be
borne by the doctor for this kind of placement.

2. Paid – for 1 year or more – this provides for a salary of +- €40,000 pa equivalent, they can be provided with accommodation at a cost of less than € 100pm.

Here is a video link about working in South Africa and some answers to our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ attached.