Global Doctor’s Core Values


Global Doctors conduct our activities according to the following core values:

1. Equality

Global Doctors strives to increase equity in healthcare access and utilisation as well as in other developments that can support population health for all.

2. Responsibilty

Global Doctors is accountable to the individual and the society for all activities performed on behalf of the organisation. Not doing harm and respecting needs for other health supportive activities is essential.

3. Advocacy

Global Doctors seeks influence for the benefit of population health. We prioritise to speak on behalf of people who do not have the opportunity to participate in debates and in activities to promote their own as well as global health.

4. Independence

Global Doctors strives for independence from all power structures and self-interests (i.e. political, religious, and economic). Global Doctors refuses to promote or to be used to promote government policies or private company agendas that are contrary to our principles. Global Doctors prioritises economic independence. Therefore, the organisation strives to ensure a diversity of funding.

5. Sustainability

Global Doctors aims to ensure that the organisation and its projects are sustainable, externally for society and the planet, as well as internally on a project and organisational level as guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This involves reduction of unnecessary consumption, taking into account the climate, the physical and the social environment. The internal sustainability is supported by maximising spending of raised funds on the organisation’s purposive activities and limiting spending on administration.

Approved by the general assembly the 17th of March 2016