General Assembly 2016


Dear member of Global Doctors and other

We hereby announce the yearly general assembly of Global Doctors to be held

the 17th of March 2016 from 5 pm to about 7 pm at Lægeforeningen Hovedstaden

at the address Stockholmsgade 55, 2100 København Ø.

Everyone is welcome, and it is not necessary to sign up for the general assembly itself.

All members who no later than one hour before the general assembly have paid the due
membership fee for 2016 have voting rights. It is possible to vote by proxy at the general
assembly as long as both involved members have paid the membership fee. It is not possible
for one single member to carry more than 3 proxy votes. If the payment has been made less
than 1 week before the general assembly you are kindly requested to carry proof of the

After the general assembly there will be a joint dinner. All are invited to participate, but this
requires signing up by the 10th of March by writing to, and it cost 100
DKK per person. The payment can be made to the Danish account 8401 1739632.

The agenda of the general assembly is displayed below. Relevant documents will within the
next couple of week be made accessible, and this will be announced by email.

Several positions in the board are up for election. If you consider running for the board, then
feel free to contact the board at or the chairman
at All members can run, and there is a need for several new board

We hope to see you at the general assembly!

Global greetings,

Global Doctors’ board