General Assembly 2014

Invitation to Global Doctors’ general assembly to be held

the 8th of April 2014 from 17:00 to 19:30


Lægeforeningen Hovedstaden
Stockholmsgade 55
2100 Copenhagen

The General Assembly is composed of all members that at latest one hour before the general assembly meeting has payed the membership fee. A member can give another member mandate to vote at the general Assembly meeting on her behalf if both members have payed their membership fee.

True to tradition participation in a dinner after the General Assembly is possible. Participation requires registration to no later than the 31st of March and a payment of 100 DKK to account 8401-1739632.
Relevant documents are attached to this mail and agenda is as follows:

The agenda for the General Assembly on the 8th of April 2014:

  1. Formalities
    1. Election of a conductor
    2. Election of a referent
    3. Statement of timely convening the General Assembly.
    4. Decision to hold the General Assembly in English
  2. Boards annual report on Global Doctors activities (see Annual Report 2013)
    1. The chairman recounts
    2. Short presentations by project groups
    3. Short presentations by the Advocacy and the Communication groups
  3. Presentation of the accounting for the year 2013 for approval by the General Assembly (see Annual Report). The accounting for 2013 has been approved by the board.
  4. Presentation of approved budget for the coming year 2014. The budget for 2014 has been approved by the board.
  5. Determination of the membership fee for the following year.
    The board proposes that the membership fee for students will be 95 DKK the first year as a member. After that the membership fee will be as for ordinary members. The membership fee is otherwise kept unchanged at 250 DKK for individual membership and 400 DKK for household membership.
  6. Presentation of the new strategy (see Plan for the Future 2014-2017)
  7. Presentation of proposals of alterations to the statutes by the board and subsequent vote (see Proposals of alterations to statutes).
  8. Proposal to change and translation to English of Core Values (see Core Values)
  9. Proposals from Global Doctors members (proposals should be sent no later than a week prior to the general assembly to the board).
  10. Elections to the board (see Vacant positions in the board).
  11. Election of an auditor.
  12. Any other business.

Global Spring greetings,

Global Doctors board