Capacity development

Global Doctors’ work with capacity development ensues from global projects, in partnership with local  actors. The work is to strengthen capacity locally to achieve results in the frame set by the vision and  mission of both the local partner and GD. These efforts can be seen as a more concrete and citizen-near  aspect of GD’s activities and can – besides the local effects of the activities – contribute with useful  experiences and learning to GD’s other work areas. The projects are based on local residents’ and  stakeholders’ needs and have to be in line with GD’s objectives and focus areas. GD has experience from  the project “Retention of doctors in rural Rwanda through capacity building of Rwanda Medical Association  “. For the time being three other projects are being initiated: a project on mental health in Ethiopia, a  project dealing with health care systems in Palestine, and a project in Ghana.


    • Strengthening of local actors’ work for UHC with focus on HRH and health systems.


  • Successful initiation of the three projects mentioned above.
  • New projects are commenced continuously at the initiative of the members or the board – preferably building upon elements of previous projects.
  • New projects are to be supported by the board and members with previous project experience.
  • Development of procedure for project approval incl. ensuring relevance for GD.
  • Systematic monitoring and evaluation in order to exchange experiences and knowledge internally and externally (see 6.6 Institutional Memory)