Board 2014/2015


Chairman, Jacob Hejmdal Gren, M.D., member since 2008, formerly been general secretary and active in the Rwanda project. Is training to be a specialist in neurology. During his medical studies he has been active in IMMC DK and the international organization IFMSA.

General secretary, Line Ervolder Christensen  [info is coming]

Ib Christian Bygbjerg, M.D.,, internationally recognized specialist in tropical and infectious diseases. He has more than 40 years of experience with global health, has published more than 200 articles and has supervised more than 40 Ph.D. and 100 master thesis. Works as professor at the Institute for International health, Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Copenhagen.

 Kate Lunding, registered nurse, Master in International Health from University of Copenhagen. She has been an active board member with Global Doctors since 2012. Currently employed at Novo Nordisk as trial manager

Christian Pinkowsky, M.D. since 2007, specialist in neurology, former chairman in IMCC DK . Is interested in working with the association between recruitment and facilitation to projector.

Frederikke Storm, cand. scient. san. publ in 2012, has written her master thesis on health praxis among type 2 diabetic patients in Uganda based on fieldwork. Has experience from an internship at the Danish embassy in Kampala, where she worked with Danidas HIV/AIDS program and health sector program. Has worked 3 years at the UFT at Foreign Ministry. Been volunteer at Save the Children Youth with focus on capacity building in a partner organization I Ghana, economy management and information in Denmark. Is project coordinator at CSGH, where she has coordinated inputs to the scientific program of ECTMIH held in September 2013 in Copenhagen.

Gloria Cristina Cordoba, M.D., Master degree in Public Health, has clinical, managerial and research experience in Primary Care. Currently working in the area of infectious diseases in general practice with the main goal of promoting prudent use of antibiotics as an strategy to control the development of antibiotic resistant strains. As part of Global doctors, I advocate for the establishment of primary care professional networks as a means to improve the quality of the services provided to the community.

Sophie Lauridsen, registred nurse from Århus in 2012, currently studying a master in Global Health at the University of Copenhagen. During her studies she has been active the national association of nurse students (Sygeplejestuderendes Landssammenslutning) and active in IMCC’s Sexexpress. She has professional experience as a nurse from Odense and Tasiilaq (Greenland). She is currently an active member of the GD Ghana group.

Sofie Viftrup Hedegaard, cand.soc., master in International Development Studies and Health Promotion from May 2014 at Roskilde University. She has worked as an intern with community health in rural areas of Ghana and has experience developing community radios for rural areas of Ethiopia as a way to start a local dialogue around maternal health issues. (She is looking very much forward to contribute with ideas as new board member from 2014.)


Jens Byskov, M.D., specialist, master in Public Health. He has worked with medical and Public Health issues in most resource constrained mainly African countries for 35 years, 10 of which under residence. He focuses on health systems research, capacity development and advisory services. Activities and publications center on fairness and inclusiveness in health systems priority setting. He is an emeritus within health sciences at the University of Copenhagen.

Jim Innocent Ngoga, M.D. 2011, originates from Rwanda, grown up in Uganda, lived 15 years in Denmark, currently in an introductory position in orthopedics in Region Midtjylland, coordinator for Young Doctors at Silkeborg Hospital. As a medical student he was active in IMCC -Mental Health Rwanda. Has been chairman of the Rwandan Society in Denmark, a cultural association with focus on integration of resident Rwandans regardless of residency status. Has been a volunteer in a WHO children project in the western part of Rumania. Has held several lectures on health and human rights at different immigrant associations based in Denmark.


Sofie Have Hoffmann and Kristine Stoltenberg Sørensen

Studying public health at the University of Copenhagen since 2011. Will be interns at Global Doctors in the period February to May 2012. They contacted the organization, as they have an interest for health and development, and wanted to try project and organizational work. Kristine and Sofie are also engaged in student organization in international health and have been respectively in India and Ghana to do relevant work for local NGOs. During their internship they will primarily participate in the work of the Ghana group.