At Global Doctors we believe in Universal Health Coverage through functioning health systems and skilled health workers.

Global Doctors is an NGO working within Global Health. We work for Universal Health Coverage: That every human being should have access to adequate healthcare.
The focus of our work is to help ensure functioning health systems and skilled health workers, by a combination of advocacy work and capacity development jointly with local partners in developing countries. We believe that a horizontal and broad approach with a strong local involvement is more sustainable and efficient in the long run.
Global Doctors works on influencing politics of health and development putting Global Health on the agenda. Along with this we take part of capacity development projects jointly with local partners. We focus on low-income countries and vulnerable groups.
Global Doctors was founded in 2008 in Denmark. Our approach is multidisciplinary, and we welcome everyone with an interest in Global Health to join us.

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Human Resources for Health (HRH)

GD wants to emphasize that health workers constitute one of the main pillars of any health system –  exerting great influence on the organisation, delivery and quality of health services, and in the long run on  health outcomes. The global lack of health workers, together with regional, national and local inequalities  in access to health services and trained health personnel, constitutes a significant barrier for every human  being’s right to and possibilities of living a healthy life and fulfilling their potential.

GD is especially dedicated to voicing the case of vulnerable groups. In our work we focus on Universal  Health Coverage (UHC), i.e. that everybody has access to health services and skilled health personnel. An  example of a significant factor influencing UHC is health worker migration and brain drain. Sustainable HR  strategies and incentive structures are necessary to avoid the social imbalance resulting from skilled health  personnel moving from countryside to cities or from poor to affluent countries taking their knowledge and  resources with them. As it is a human right to fulfil one’s potential, health personnel should not be barred  from moving. Rather, GD focuses on the factors that drive health workers to migrate. Impacting health  worker migration, and other factors which influence UHC, calls not only for local initiatives, but indeed also  for international coordination.

Health systems

GD regards a holistic, horizontal approach to health and illness as well as to treatment and prevention as  necessary in order to ensure access to health services for all. Due to population growth, demographic and

nutritional transitions, increased urbanisation etc. the global health situation is changing. Many countries  now face a double burden of infectious and non-infectious chronic illnesses. This adds increasing demands  and pressure on the delivery of health services, continuity in treatment, as well as the composition of the  health workforce. GD therefore focuses on health systems, health workers, and underlying structures,  rather than on vertical and disease-specific programmes.

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