Ubumi gives a talk

Ubumi gives a talk

We are happy to announce that Anne Egelund from Ubumi Prison Initiative will give a talk right after the General Assembly, on the work her NGO is doing in Zambia focusing on which role Global Doctors volunteers could have in a collaboration with Ubumi.

Ubumi works with health and human rights for inmates and their children in Zambian prisons.

They work to support all inmates, but focus particularly on children aged 0-4, mothers, pregnant women, juveniles and the seriously ill patients. We also support education and reintegration.

Prisoners in Africa live under harsh condition: Overcrowding, unhygienic facilities, social isolation, lack of access to health and sufficient food put them at risk of disease and death.

Not only do all human beings have a right to a dignified life, but imprisonment should never be life threatening. Ubumi focuses on the particularly vulnerable in prison – hand in hand with Zambia Correctional Service and the inmates themselves.

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